The Post-Graduate Program in Social Sciences (PPGCS – UFBA) was founded in 1999 with the implementation of the Doctorate in Social Sciences. The Master’s program however, has already had an extensive history, covering a period of nearly 40 years. 
During this period, significant changes have redefined and reconfigured the format of the post-graduate program and its areas of study. Initially implemented as a Master’s in Human Sciences, including the area of History, the program established itself as a Master’s in Sociology in 1990. Starting from the approval of the Doctorate in Social Sciences in 1999, the post-graduate (Master’s and Doctorate) became one in Social Sciences, supported by the areas of Sociology and Anthropology, to which the area of Political Science was subsequently added.  
Currently, although it has a new structure, the PPGCS maintains its vocation in social sciences. The program is characterized by the development of themes from this field, brought together in six research streams, in which professors and researchers seek to create a dialogue between contributions from different disciplinary areas from the social sicences. The emphasis on interdisciplinarity has a double objective. 
  1. To promote debate and develop an understanding of the set of problems for investigation, set forth in the research streams;
  2. To develop a theoretical-methodological reflection that returns to the constitutive questions and tensions of the social sicences and their contemporary developments, a proposal clearly reflected in the structure of our curricular make-up. In this sense, it is worth noting that our interdisciplinary proposal is guided not by a naive belief in overcoming or dissolving disciplinary distinctions within the social sciences, but rather by an emphasis on the productive construction and maintenance of spaces of dialogue.