Caderno CRH

CADERNO CRH is a publication for the social sciences appearing every four months, organized and edited by the Center for Human Resources – CRH, co-edited with the Federal University of Bahia Editions – EDUFBA. It presents unpublished texts for the social sciences recognized as academically relevant and current, in the form of articles, bibliographical essays and critical reviews of recently published books.

The Eye of History Journal

The journal The Eye of History, in electronic format, has free distribution. The journal receives no support, neither public nor private, and its existence is only possible thanks  to the work of volunteers and their collaborators and the donations of its organizers. The Eye of History has ranking A Local from the CAPES. 

Prelúdios Journal

The journal PRELÚDIOS is a periodical developed and maintained by the students of the Post-Graduate Program in Social Sciencesat the Federal University of Bahia (PPGCS/UFBA). Published every semester in digital format, the journal’s objective is to act as a public space for the presentation, sharing and circulation of reflections of students of the Post-Graduate Program in the Social Sciences at the Federal University of Bahia with one another and with the wider public.